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College Students Mentorship Program

Receive Professional Mentorship from Terravanta Employees


What do you hope to achieve in a mentorship?

  • Career Development/Advancement

  • Technical Development

  • Writing Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Project Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Graduate School Application Process

  • Leadership Development

  • Job Application Process

Find a mentor that aligns with your goals

  • Search from the list to find a geoscientist that works in your field of interest

  • Click their name to see their geoscience expertise, career history, interests, and more.

  • Call or email to ask if they have time to help with your overall goals

Schedule an initial meeting with your mentor

  • Set up phone call, Zoom/Teams/Skype meeting, or in-person meeting

  • Recount past mentor’s experiences to see what mentoring experiences work best

  • Work with mentor to agree on goals and expectations

  • Agree on confidentiality in the mentorship

  • Establish meeting times and who schedules the meetings (3 months is recommended time, but the mentorship can also range from one session to more than 3 months).

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